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High quality developer with a wholehearted service

Badr Interactive is a professional & reliable software house aiming to create millions of daily goodness by providing high quality products with a wholehearted services to optimize our client’s business through technology.

We helped our clients to build customized technology solutions, both web and mobile applications to achieve more effective & efficient business; reach wider range of customers; gain ultimate customer satisfaction; and of course, earn more profits!


Be a part of something BIG, beyond the quality but also building a legacy

Discover new experience with us:

Peace of Mind

A feeling of calm or not being worried. Just sit back and relax, you work with trustworthy software house.

Secured Project Knowledge.

Comprehensive project deliverable including source code, documentation and transfer knowledge.

End to End Client Collaboration

Using agile methodology which encourages the involvement of clients actively in product development.

"Million Daily Goodness" Company

All of our employees have one vision that our works is not only for gaining profit but also as our deeds to get ridho from Allah SWT. We do not serve projects that contain Riba, Gharar and Maysir in it. Hopefully, all of our products can be beneficial for many people.

Product Activation by Founder+

Activate Your Business through several business processes from ideation, business validation, marketing strategy, brand management, so on and so forth. For more info, visit Instagram: @founderplus

Certification & Recognition

Be better everyday

We continuously adapt to changes, believing that technology is the engine to create a mass of goodness on earth.
Therefore, to enhance our skills, we participate in various national and international competitions.


Startup Incubator Portfolio

We learn a lot through collaboration and various business iterations to create valuable products

Recent Work

Create only masterpiece

We realize that doing the best is far more important than being the best. 
Thus, we are committed to giving all our best efforts in creating a masterpiece

Services & industries

What we offer

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Enterprise Customized Product

Website Development, Mobile Development.

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Infrastructure Service

Setup Server, Deployment, Backup Database, Setting SSL.

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Training Service

IT Training, Startup Academy, Design Training.

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QA Services

Functionality Testing, Load Testing.

Design Services

Mobile app & Website UI/UX, Mobile game & AR/VR, Social Media Promotion, Brand & Startup Development, Character & Illustration, Video & Animation, User Research

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Google Cloud Platform

Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Load Balancing, Kubernetes Engine/GKE, Cloud Storage, Operations (Monitoring, Logging, Troubleshooting).


Advance software solution in education field through Learning Management System and Mobile Online Assessment.

Retail & Ecommerce

Engaging and exciting software solution for retail and ecommerce.


User-friendly software that empower the healthcare business to grow.


Practical solution to solve various problems in the distribution of social assistance.


Boost the profitability of automotive industry through innovative business automation system.


Display your data into beneficial insight with excellent dashboard monitoring system.

Badr quality assurance

We develop high quality software based on your
business needs and flexibility of your budget

Functional Suitability

In compliance with required functionality.


Data integrity is maintained. It can be accessed in large numbers simultaneously, with low down-time tolerance.

Performance Efficiency

The processing time is within user tolerance limits, efficient use of server and database resources.


Intuitive and attractive appearance and easy to operate.


The security of confidential data is guaranteed.


It can be used in a variety of browsers, devices, and operating systems.


Easy for the following developments, has a degree of modularity and automated testing.


Application and data migration can easily be done if needed at any time.


Our satisfied clients


Focus on your business and we'll help you for the technical works

We provide several bonuses FOR FREE to assist you in making decisions to develop your own system/application:

  • Risk Free Development Trial
  • Zero Requirement and Consultation Cost
  • Free Website/Mobile Audit Performance


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