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Badr Interactive is a software house with dreams of creating millions of daily goodness through a website or mobile app developed. We want to make this big dream come true with you. We therefore invite all colleagues to join Badr Interactive’s affiliate partners.

The Benefits

Benefits of Affiliate

Commission of 1-7% for each project

Commission of 1-7% for each project that is a deal (the minimum value of the deal project to earn commission is 100 million)

Add knowledge about B2B marketing

Add knowledge about B2B marketing, also include skill of business negotiation process to the company

Free IT consultation with IT experts

Each affiliate partner will get opportunity of free IT consultation with IT experts at Badr Interactive

Free Marketing Assets

Necessary promotional materials such as company profile, portfolio, and other marketing documents

The Steps

How to Join Affiliate

Step 1

Recommend Badr Interactive as a software house to your networks (preferably companies that established enough) that has development project needs for website, mobile apps, IT Training or infrastructure service.

Step 2

Being a communicator intermediary between Badr Interactive and potential clients

Step 3

Give contact person of prospective client to our team for us to follow up


How to Join Affiliate

Scheme 1

The affiliate simply introduces Badr personally to the client without contributing any work from the offer to the end of development

Scheme 2

Become an intermediary for communication between Badr Interactive and prospective clients in the process of meetings, proposals, presentations, and negotiations.

Scheme 3

Affiliate provides Badr Interactive with email database or mobile number. If one of the companies from the database provided by the affiliate is then followed up by the Badr Business Development team and a deal, the affiliate will get a commission.

Terms of condition

Project value requirement

Interested in joining our affiliate?

Setup Requirements Meeting

In the initial discussion, we will focus on the problem and the technology solution you need.

Create Plan Together

It’s all about us. About how to come up with the best solution collaboratively. Together, we will create a specific plan to achieve your goals.

Get Results

The digital solution you want is ready to help you improve your business performance.

Ready to step forward in building your digital legacy?