Quality Assurance Service

It is frustrating to have a system with lots of bugs and troubles. We help you to make a high quality system for your business.

A product with poor customer experience, bugs, and bad usability can neither capture customer attention nor gain any market share.

That’s why quality assurance services are not only an option but a necessity for your software application’s success.

Our QA and Testing Services

We provide you with a full range of services for software quality assurance. You will receive reliable and problem-free software that satisfies your needs and business goals.

  • Test the end-to-end functionality of the software by meticulously validating the developed functionality against the functional specifications
  • Integrate CI/CD, Infrastructure Automation, and other DevOps practices/processes into the testing environment to enable automation and reduce human efforts
  • Identify and fix bugs before the code goes into production
  • Ensure the optimal speed, response time, scalability, reliability, stability, and resource usage of your application under many defined workloads
  • Understand the expected usage of the application during peak and off times to calculate API requests, transactions occurring with the database, and load on VMs
  • Conduct capacity planning and set up the required infrastructure
  • Test the performance of your software application under different loads (peak, off-peak, min/max/average) and calculate the expected usage of the platform
  • Push your application to the point of failure with extreme CPU usage, high memory consumption, and high network latency to assess performance bottlenecks and stability
  • Assess the load on VMs, conduct capacity planning, and set up infrastructure
  • A secure code review runs a thorough check-up of source codes and identifies the system flaws and weak spots.
  • Security testing solutions include both automated and manual evaluations for maximum accuracy.
    The security testing is using OWASP for website and MOBSF for mobile
  • Identify user pain points when using a digital product
  • Provide a list of flow or design improvements found during the usability testing process for consideration
  • Provide an overview of user behavior when using digital products
  • This service will provide evaluations or test results for responsive design in web-based applications
  • The examiner will assess whether the design display is appropriate when opened on various device screen sizes
  • In addition, you will also get a responsive design recommendation if a design is found that does not match its appearance if it is opened on a certain device

Business Process

    Benefits of Our Quality
    Assurance Service

    A Decade of Experience

    Over the years, our QA testers have made sure that various software solutions operate with a minimum number of errors and bugs. We tested numerous websites and mobile applications for national and international organizations, ensuring their system is safe and reliable to use by hundred to millions of users.

    Best Practices Industry Standards

    We provide QA services following a set of protocols, directives, and project documentation that we created based on the top industry standards and best practices. Our QA testers assist in the timely and high-quality delivery of each software solution as well as the prevention of errors from ever happening in the first place.

    Automation & Manual Testing

    We use a method of automated and manual testing to deliver your software with high-quality performance. The types of testing depend on your company’s software architecture, tech stack, project scale, and other criteria. To provide seamless and continuous agile delivery, our QA testers and DevOps engineers collaborate closely.

    Our Partners in Quality Assurance Service

    World wide organization and large scale enterprise trust our quality assurance and software testing services.

    Setup Requirements Meeting

    In the initial discussion, we will focus on the problem and the technology solution you need.

    Create Plan Together

    It’s all about us. About how to come up with the best solution collaboratively. Together, we will create a specific plan to achieve your goals.

    Get Results

    The digital solution you want is ready to help you improve your business performance.

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