Software Development Service

We are committed to giving all of our best efforts to create a masterpiece that provides you with high-quality software and boosts your business performance.
For more than 10 years in the software industry we have learned a lot by working with hundreds of clients from various industries.

We found several common problems faced by companies such as operational issues like lost stock, different standards quality and monitoring difficulty, lack of real-time data, even insufficient number of technical team to handle the digitalization process.

Any of Those Sounds Familiar?

Don’t worry. Badr Interactive is ready to collaborate to improve your business performance.

Customized Website & Mobile App Development

We are ready to build custom software specifically adjusted to your needs with the right architecture for best performance, and native code to incorporate your complex and unique business process.
More than 300+ delivered projects.

Web Redesign and Improvement

Do you dislike the outdated look of your website?
We redesign your current website to enhance its aesthetics, functionality, and usability. Renovating an outdated technological stack, re-architecting for increased scalability, and including new features and innovations are all examples of how to do this.

Technical Consulting

To make the best technological decisions, you’ll need knowledge and experience. We will suggest you with IT architecture, technology stack, and functionality recommendations for your web application. You have an IT partner on your journey to success by utilizing our expertise in developing consumer- and company-centric product.

API Development and Integration

Would you like to incorporate geolocation, payment, or marketing APIs intcco your system?
We offer a special way to address your business problems by adding third-party services to your website. We evaluate those services’ performance and scalability to make sure they work well with your applications.

Technology Stack

Our Satisfied Partners

100+ partners have digitalized their business with Badr Interactive to create
an innovative system to boost their performance.

100+ partners have digitalized
their business with Badr Interactive
to create an innovative system
to boost their performance.

Our Quality Assurance

We guarantee to provide quality software that suits to your business needs with 8 quality guarantees based on ISO 25010 (ISO/IEC CD 25010 2007).

Performance Efficiency

The processing time is within user tolerance limits, efficient use of server and database resources.


Data integrity is maintained. It can be accessed in large numbers simultaneously, with low down-time tolerance.


Easy for the following developments, has a degree of modularity and automated testing.


It can be used in a variety of browsers, devices, and operating systems.


Intuitive and attractive appearance and easy to operate.


Application and data migration can easily be done if needed at any time.


The security of confidential data is guaranteed.

Functional Suitability

In compliance with required functionality.

Our Methodology

The customized Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process used by Badr Interactive is modeled around SCRUM but includes additional quality controls. To enable our team to work as an extension of your company, we firmly believe in complete transparency.

You will be able to participate in our daily meetings, our biweekly sprint planning meetings, review meeting, as well as have full access to all of our project management tools. For the development, you will get these deliverables.

System that already passed our standard quality for development

All development activities (Sprint Zero, Development, Review Meeting every sprint or 2 weeks, User Acceptance Test /“UAT”, Minutes Final Handover /BAST)

Full access to the code base, design assets & technical documentation.

One day training for admin

Free maintenance for bug fixing in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Business Process

Setup Requirements Meeting

In the initial discussion, we will focus on the problem and the technology solution you need.

Create Plan Together

It’s all about us. About how to come up with the best solution collaboratively. Together, we will create a specific plan to achieve your goals.

Get Results

The digital solution you want is ready to help you improve your business performance.

Ready to step forward in building your digital legacy?