Frequently Asked Questions

Badr Interactive is a company engaged in technology. Badr Interactive serves the needs of IT projects in the form of website development and professional mobile applications for the private sector and government. In addition, Badr Interactive has IT Workshop services, ERP Implementation, Quality Assurance, User Interface & User Experience, as well as the provision of Server Infrastructure.

Founder+ is a subsidiary of Badr Interactive which is engaged in startup accelerators and incubators. Badr Startup Studio already has several successful startup portfolios such as:

  • iGrow
  • Yaumi
  • Teman Bisnis
  • Skydu
  • NF Juara

In addition, Badr Startup Studio also opens startup-related workshops and startup consulting services.

Some of the advantages of Badr Interactive compared to other software houses include:

1. Peace of Mind

Badr Interactive adalah software house yang insyaa Allah amanah. Kami berkomitmen mengerjakan proyek sesuai dengan tagline yang kami angkat : Quality Software Developer with Wholehearted Services.

Please see our Brand Promises Quality Assurance here

2. Secured Project Knowledge

Complete project deliverables will be provided including source code, documentation, and knowledge transfer sessions. So it is very possible to handover it to the internal team or other vendors when the project is complete.

3. End to End Client Collaboration

Badr Interactive was involved in a Focus Group Discussion at the 2018 Google Developer Agency Program forum. It was agreed that end to end collaboration is the only solution to today’s IT project problems. With both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies, project development at Badr involves clients intensely from the sprint zero phase, sprint planning, bi-weekly review, to project handover.

Google Developer Agency Program

4. Product Activation by Badr Startup Studio

When the website, application, or software is finished, the next challenge is to market the product. Badr Interactive offers Integrated IT Solutions from the development side to the activation process, both startups or your new technology business unit with services from our subsidiary, Badr Startup Studio. From the product idea validation process, digital marketing implementation, go to market strategy, to measuring your business success metrics.

5. “Million Daily Goodness” Company

Badr Interactive has a vision of 10 Million Daily Goodness, which means we are committed that this company will be the executor or catalyst for creating the greatest amount of goodness. Profit is not the end goal of our company. Moreover, all of Badr Interactive’s initial co-founders have donated all of their dividends to a national-level ZISWAF institution. Every year, Badr Interactive is also committed to targeting a number of alms from the annual profit earned. So by collaborating with Badr Interactive, the clients have also helped realize this big dream of 10 million goodness.

It is with this spirit that all elements at Badr believe that every job we do on a daily basis is worship solely for Allah SWT.

Regarding development costs, Badr Interactive cannot determine costs without conducting a requirement gathering or knowing what features you want to make. In this case, the price for making a website/application really depends on the complexity of the features you want to make, the technology requirements, and the time the system works.

Basically, post-development, the client will get free maintenance for bug fixing with the same period of time as the development duration. For example, if the development period is 3 months, the client will get free maintenance for three months. Outside the free maintenance period there will be a separate charge with the amount depending on the scope of the maintenance work.

Badr Interactive uses two project schemes, namely waterfall and agile. In short, for the waterfall scheme, the scope of development has been defined at the beginning and is fixed. Prices are determined based on the number of features that have been defined at the beginning. Then, changes in features or additions of major features will have implications for increasing prices. On the other hand, for agile schemes, the scope of development is determined periodically based on the previous 1 month’s development. Prices are determined based on work time, not the number of features, and feature changes or feature additions do not imply an increase in price.

In both waterfall and agile schemes, we continue to maintain the spirit of collaboration together in order to create high quality products. Intense collaboration is carried out in the sprint zero process, planning meetings, daily meetings, to review meetings in the client’s office which are iterated every two weeks, not just at the beginning and at the end.

Yes, we are very open to collaboration, we even invite friends, if there is a small-medium scale collaboration project opportunity, or who has recommendations with whom Badr Interactive can collaborate for the greater good. Selected projects are the full prerogative of Badr Interactive. Of course we can’t choose all. God willing, if there is something interesting, we will contact you directly. Please contact us via whatsapp (0813-8152-4802) and email ([email protected])

Yes, Badr Interactive opens up to two or three batches of internships, practical work or on the job training per year. It’s just that, not every applicant can join. There is a screening mechanism that we need to do to adjust incoming applications to company needs. Please email your qualifications or inquire at [email protected]

Can I apply for a position even though the position is not listed as a vacancy?

Please keep monitoring the Career page and Instagram @badrinteractive Badr Interactive. In some cases, it is possible that Badr Interactive will accept applications from applicants even though at that time there were no publications regarding job vacancies. If you have a special ability, and you feel you are really good at it, you are welcome to send your application to [email protected].

In general, there are three main roles in Badr Interactive’s core business. They are programmers, designers and business analysts. Beyond that, there are supporting roles that are administrative and managerial in nature, covering the areas of operations, business development, HR development, finance, infrastructure, and technology.

Setup Requirements Meeting

In the initial discussion, we will focus on the problem and the technology solution you need.

Create Plan Together

It’s all about us. About how to come up with the best solution collaboratively. Together, we will create a specific plan to achieve your goals.

Get Results

The digital solution you want is ready to help you improve your business performance.

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