High quality developer with
a wholehearted service

Badr Interactive is a professional & reliable software house aiming to create millions of daily goodness by providing high quality products with a wholehearted services to optimize our client’s business through technology.

We helped our clients to build customized technology solutions, both web and mobile applications to achieve more effective & efficient business; reach wider range of customers; gain ultimate customer satisfaction; and of course, earn more profits!

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Creating a million daily
goodness through technology

All of our employees have one vision that our works is not only for gaining profit but also as our deeds to get ridho from Allah SWT. We do not serve projects that contain Riba, Gharar and Maysir in it. Hopefully, all of our products can be beneficial for many people.


Our proudly values

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We always challenge ourselves to explore and learn the newest develop-ment in our field of expertise. Strong learning habit and eagerness to escalate our knowledge and skills make us provide only the best quality service in every project.

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We put our mind and heart in every project. Sincerity, honesty, and politeness are funda-mental to our work ethic as reflected in our daily interaction within the team, towards the clients, and others.

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We will put your project in our first priority. It will be our pleasure to be responsible for handling every project entrusted to us and fulfill our client's designated targets.


Badr History

Badr Quality Assurance

We develop high quality software based on your business needs and flexibility of your budget
Functional Suitability Realibility Performance Efficiency Operability Security Compatibility Maintainability Transferability
Appropriateness Accuracy Compliance
Availability Fault tolerance Recoverability Compliance
Time behavior Resource utilization Compliance
Appropriateness recognizability Learnability Ease of use Helpfulness Attractiveness Technical accessibility Compliance
Confidentially Integrity Non-repudiation Accountability Authenticity Compliance
Replacebility Co-existence Interoperability Compliance
Modularity Reusability Analizability Changeability Modification stability Testability Compliance
Portability Adaptability Installability Compliance

Reference : ISO 25010 Model(ISO/IEC CD 25010 2007)

Brand Promises Quality Package

Standard Essential Premium
  • User Acceptance Test Passed

  • Production Testing Passed

  • User Acceptance Test Passed

  • Production Testing Passed

  • Unit Testing
    Reliability & Performance
    Standard performance with standard load
    (max. 100 concurrent users)
    Standard performance with standard load
    (max. 100 concurrent users)
    Load Testing, Code Review, & Optimizing
    Standard User Interface Design (without Usability Testing)
    User Manual Document Usability Testing
    Standard Security Engineering (without Pentest)
    Penetration Testing & Optimizing
    Penetration Testing & Optimizing
    Standard Popular Brand Device & Browser compliance
    Standard Popular Brand Device & Browser compliance
    Support for every device specific issues & browser
  • Software Requirement Spesification

  • SonarQube compliance

  • Software Requirement Spesification

  • SonarQube compliance

  • Code Review & Optimizing
    Transferability / Portability
  • Source code available
  • Software Requirement Spesification available

  • Deployment document
    Deployment document