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Facts About The Potential of Business Digitalization



There Is About 175 Million Indonesian Are Using Mobile Phone



Internet Users In Indonesia Reached 184 Million In 2019



Digital Transaction in Indonesia reached 16 Billion on July 2020
(year to year)



Projection of Digital Economy in Indonesia Reach 133 Billion USD in 2025

Why You Should Hire IT Vendor?

More Than 75% IT Project In USA Are Failure

About 85% of IT Manager Rely On Outsource Employee / Remote Worker

71% Startup Looking For Outsource Company For IT And Digital Marketing Services

64% Of Business Executives Prefer Outsource IT Through Third Parties

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Badr Interactive is a Software House that has more than 9 years experiences in Software Development Projects. We want to share our knowledge and experience in IT projects that we have been working on.

We believe that great collaboration begin with an understanding of both sides to reach the goals. Therefore, this modules are released to provide a perception about various facts and data so we can minimized failure of your IT Projects.