Ready to take a huge leap to grow your business through a sophisticated digital platform?

Badr Interactive, is not only a website or mobile application developer, but also your trustworthy partner to boost your business performance.

10 Common Problems

For more than 10 years in the software industry we have learned a lot, working with hundreds of clients from various industries. Then we found these 10 common problems faced by companies:

Any of these sound familiar?

If so, don’t worry. With professional work and wholehearted service principles, Badr Interactive is ready to collaborate to improve your business performance in achieving long-term success through increasing business effectiveness and efficiency, reaching more customers, escalating customer satisfaction and of course boosting your company’s profit growth.

Know Us More

Badr Interactive has more than 10 years experiences and trusted to worked with hundreds of clients in various industrial sectors in Indonesia

Things we can help you with

Quality promises

We guarantee to provide quality software that suits to your business needs with 8 quality guarantees based on ISO 25010 (ISO/IEC CD 25010 2007)

Functional Suitability

In compliance with required functionality.


Data integrity is maintained. It can be accessed in large numbers simultaneously, with low down-time tolerance.

Performance Efficiency

The processing time is within user tolerance limits, efficient use of server and database resources.


Intuitive and attractive appearance and easy to operate.


The security of confidential data is guaranteed.


It can be used in a variety of browsers, devices, and operating systems.


Easy for the following developments, has a degree of modularity and automated testing.


Application and data migration can easily be done if needed at any time.

What They Said About Us

The most valuable thing from our journey is the creation of millions of daily goodness through the use of the system that we have created for all of our clients so that the system becomes a legacy of kindness for all parties who contribute to its creation.

And Many More

Create only masterpiece

We realize that doing the best is far more important than being the best. Thus, we are committed to giving all our best efforts in creating a masterpiece

Be better everyday

We continuously adapt to changes, believing that technology is the engine to create a mass of goodness on earth that is capable of bringing improvement on such a large scale. Therefore, to continue to hone our skills, we participate in various national and international competitions.

Not sure yet?

If you are still unsure about developing your own system, please answer
these questions:

Do you feel your business is growing?
Have you researched and validated what your customers need in this digital era?
Do you feel that as your business gets bigger, the need for digitalization and system automation will be your long-term investment?
There are lots of software development service providers from the cheapest to the most expensive.

"The main question is Do you want to invest in a product of poor quality for your long-term investment?"

Exclusive Bonuses

Building a digital system for business is not a decision that can be taken immediately. You need to consider many things, starting from validating market needs, long-term business strategies, financial considerations, team capacity and so on.

Unfortunately, the majority of IT projects fail and do not deliver the desired results.

Therefore, we provide several bonuses for you for free to help you in making decisions to develop your own system/application:

Software Development Guidebook

This guidebook will assist you in choosing the most appropriate IT vendor for you, preparing IT projects, tips on using websites/mobile applications, how much it costs to develop software and so on.

Marketing Fee

We have a dream of creating millions of daily goodness through website/app development. We want to make this dream come true with you. If you’re still not sure about developing your own app/website, you can recommend us to your acquaintances to work on their projects. If the project is a deal, then you will get a marketing fee from the project.

No Consultation Cost

We provide an opportunity to discuss for 1 hour with Badr Interactive’s in-house expertise. In this consultation, you will at least get:

  1. Analyze future business challenges through your application or website with several topics of discussion such as profit maximization; cost reduction; decision making based on data, and so on.
  2. Analysis of the system that has been made. Is it good enough and meets all the quality standards that a system should have?

Free Prototype/ Mockup

To help you visualize the system you want to develop we will help you to create a prototype/mockup of your system

Risk Free Development Trial

In order to provide an exclusive experience of the development process, we provide an upfront demo development session with the entire development team involved, starting from the Project Manager, UI Designer, Software Tester, Developer and System Analyst.

Website/Mobile Audit Performance

For those of you who are not sure about the performance of your website and mobile application, we can help you to audit your system performance including recommendations for the User Interface (UI) appearance of your system.

Do you want to get all of these bonuses?


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